About the Waitlist - How Does it Work?

We pre order items for the boxes far in advance of the upcoming months and therefore only have a certain number of spots available each month based on the amount of inventory available. When we reach that number of subscribers we close new subscriptions and have the waitlist.

To get on the waitlist you simply add your email to the list. When spots become available, we send an email to every one on the waitlist to get the chance to sign up. When the waitlist is open it is first come first serve. Once the open spots we have available sell out, the waitlist closes again and we do not accept new subscriptions.

Spots become available in one of two ways:

  • Line item ...Sometimes by the time we prepare to ship boxes out, existing customers have skipped the upcoming month, cancelled, or had billing issues preventing them from renewing in time for the upcoming box. In these circumstances, if the number is large enough we open up the waitlist and allow people to come in and grab those few spots. So these spots are to allow new customers to replace those who gave up their spots. Not adding brand new spots. These spots usually sell out very fast (like within a day)
  • Line item ...Every couple of months we actually add new spots (so spots in addition to those already subscribed). We send an email to those on the waitlist at this time as well (and announce it on the site). Because there are more available spots in these instances, they usually take a few days to sell out in few days (versus just in one day as in scenario 1).

If you are able to subscribe and grab a spot, the website and your confirmation email will confirm which month will be your first box. Depending on the time of the month you sign up, your next box my not be until the month after the upcoming box. Be sure to check the website and your confirmation to confirm which month your first box will be shipped.

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