Can You Offer All the Products You Sell at a Discount Everyday?

Our Izzy & Liv products are custom made on-demand once an order is received. Unlike large retailers, as a small business, we are unable to mass produce the thousands of skus/variants of products that would be needed to save on our costs by buying in bulk. We do not hold inventory. Creating products on-demand is one the reasons why we are able to offer such a wide variety of products, in various colors and sizes, and continue to keep creating more and more new items for you!

That said, this is just one of the reasons we decided to start Brown Sugar Box! In addition to loving the idea of sending our beloved customers a fabulous set of surprise gifts every month, bundling products in a subscription box allows us to provide great products at such steep discounts, because we are able to produce and ship a lot of product, at the same time, in bulk. The higher volumes allows us to source and produce products at a substantial discount and pass those savings on to you, our customers! It also gives us the opportunity to support and shout out fellow black-owned businesses when we are able to include non-Izzy & Liv products in our boxes!

PS - the more subscribers we have, the better deals we will be able to get, so be sure to spread the word about Brown Sugar Box! :-)

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